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Web Technologies

Research fields

Web Applications for the Future Internet

Web has revolutionized our society, creating new challenges and opportunities by making information available to wider sectors of the population than ever before.


Accessibility and Usability of User Interfaces

When developing new applications and services in any knowledge domain it is essential for user interfaces to be simple and easy to use for all, in

Attività editoriali di siti web e portali

Sito Web CNR (www.cnr.it):

Conference Management Service

The service includes the complete management, via Web, of one or more conferences. The system is based on the project "Open Conference Systems" of the" Public Knowledge Project" (http://pkp.sfu.ca/) and it has been adapted and personalized in order to be easy to use and effective. The main features are:

Multilingual Web

The content of the Web is currently estimated in trillions of pages.

Social and Semantic Web

The information accessed by search engines represents the tip of the iceberg if compared to the whole amount of information stored in all the current relational databases (deep Web). The intrinsic idea of the Semantic Web considers the Web as being an access point to these databases.

W3C Italian Office

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop Web standards.


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This research project is the result of a collaborative activity with the Region of Tuscany, in order to develop an information system to support the Public Administration (PA) in t

Assistenza specialistica su tecnologie XML

Locating a case of internal document flow in SOGEI. Definition and implementation of this flow in the manner of the management of documents flows XFlow.

Clavius on the Web

The Historical Archive of the Pontifical Gregorian University (APUG

ePAS - Il sistema di rilevazione e gestione delle presenze del CNR

ePAS (http://epas.projects.iit.cnr.it) è il nuovo sistema di rilevazione e gestione delle presenze del personale

EU Network of Excellence - Technologies for the multilingual European Information Society (T4ME NET)

Linguistic diversity is a corner stone of our multicultural European society.

EU Project - Collaborative information, Acquisition, Processing, Exploitation and Reporting for the prevention of organised crime (CAPER)

Organised crime use information technology systems to communicate, work or expand their influence. Current tools for the fight against organised crime have shown their limits and reflect the need to develop a scalable tool to track them more efficiently.

CAPER ’s objective is to build a common collaborative and information sharing platform for the detection and prevention of organised crime exploiting Open Source Intelligence. State intelligence agencies are becoming more inclined to use Open Source Intelligence (OSI), and particularly tools typically associated with the Social or Semantic Web.

The analysis modules built in the CAPERproject will also give new value to existing intelligence through image, video, speech and biometric analysis.

EU Project - Platform for Automatic, Normalized Annotation and Cost-Effective Acquisition of Language Resources for Human Language Technologies (PANACEA)

 A strategic challenge for Europe in today's globalised economy is to overcome language barriers through technological means.

EU Thematic Network - Advancing the Multilingual Web (MULTILINGUALWEB)

Multilingual Web, states that overcoming language barriers by enabling cross-lingual access to Web resources suffers from a lack of language-friendly Web conventions. Standards and best p


GeoMemories offers a new way to experience the history and the geography

Linked Data DoGi

The legal domain is an extremely significant use case for Linked Open Data (LOD) applications due to the great value of legal information assets at social and economic level.

Realizzazione del nuovo sito web dello IIT

Publications and editorial products until 01/01/2016

Accessibility and Usability of Web Content and Applications

All-words Word Sense Disambiguation on a Specific Domain

A Wiki Framework for cooperatively building multilingual language resources

CNR@wOrK - a Social Network for CNR community

Collaborative management of KYOTO Multilingual Knowledge Base: the Wikyoto Knowledge Editor

Conceptual Framework: How to Engineer Online Trust for Disabled Users

Editing Knowledge Resources: The Wiki Way

Editing Wikipedia Content via Screen Reader: Easier Interaction with ARIA

Exploring Interoperability of Language Resources: the Case of Cross-lingual Semi-automatic Enrichment of Wordnets

Extracting Events from Wikipedia as RDF Triples Linked to Widespread Semantic Web Dataset

Flyer gruppo di ricerca "Algorithms and Computational Mathematics"

Flyer gruppo di ricerca "Web Applications for Future Internet"

From words to concepts: enabling shared semantic descriptions of Web contents by Tagpedia

GeoMemories a Spatial-Temporal Atlas of the Italian Landscape

KAFnotator: a multilingual semantic text annotation tool

KYOTO: A Wiki for Establishing Semantic Interoperability for Knowledge Sharing Across Languages and Cultures

La Registrazione dei nomi a dominio sotto il TLD .it: un'interfaccia Web per la compilazione del modulo tecnico

Portale RAIN-NG del Registro .it

Poster workshop IIR2013

Retrospective Illumination Correction of Grayscale Historical Aerial Photos

SemEval-2010 Task 17: All-wordsWord Sense Disambiguation on a Specific Domain

Sistema di rilevazione della customer satisfaction

The Italian National Research Council Web Site: A Study for the Creation of a Portal for Scientific Research in Italy

Un approccio all’utilizzo di Web Services all’interno di strumenti di content management

Utilizzo di DRUPAL per la realizzazione del nuovo sito web dell'Istituto di Informatica e Telematica

Wikyoto Knowledge Editor: The Collaborative Web Environment To Manage Kyoto Multilingual Knowledge Base

WorkMail: collaborative document workflow by email

WorkMail: Collaborative Document Workflow Management by Email

Publications and editorial products from the 01/01/2016

#BDST: Bot Detection Support Tool for human annotators of Twitter data

Presentations and Demos

“ABCD SW” – La metodologia A.B.A. (Applied Behaviour Analysis) nel percorso scolastico del bambino autistico

Il sistema di navigazione nell’informazione CNR - Roma, 27 gennaio 1998

Seconda Convention "Mettiamoci la Faccia": Sistema di rilevamento della customer satisfaction

XII edizione di "Dire e Fare": Sistema di rilevamento della customer satisfaction


Statistical survey on customer satisfaction


A Design Support Component For a Web Based Document Workflow System

A Design Support Component For a Web Based Document Workflow System

Design and implementation of the engine component within a web based document workflow system

Multimodal User Interfaces

Multimodal User Interfaces

Proposal of thesis

Memoria Sociale

Una rete sociale su dati medici